• Collaborative work
    We foster collaborative work

    We focus in theories, metodologies and tools that fosters the collaborative work among other things.

  • Transform organizations
    We transform organizations

    Consufé supports organizations to become learning organizations, which facilitates the learning of its members and the continuous transformation of itself.

  • Knowledge management
    We propose knowledge management

    We propose knowledge management to convert organizations into organizations that learn.

  • We help educational institutions
    We help educational institutions

    We accompany educational institutions in the transformation of their teaching, learning and management practices.

Organisations that learns

Consufe helps you to become a learning organization.

Based on different literature we understand a learning organization as an organization that has the competences to constantly modify its behaivor to adapt to change. It is an organization that has a well define to learn and to manage knowledge.

Building a learning organization is about creating the learning environment, learning process and leadership to support individuals, groups, and organizational to embrace change, innovation, and development.

Our name defines what we believe in: no one changes or learns unless it is their own will. "Con su fé" means that people may have access to a lot of knowledge, but it is up to them to accept the invitation to learn and be better every day. We move knowledge that can be relevant for organizations, we also create the appropriate learning spaces, however it is only when the members of the organization decide to start the adventure of change and learning when the real transformation will happen.

The name also means that we build something that we can not see immediately. The process of transformation does not happen from one day to the next, it is a process. The competences that we should develop demands a cange in our way to think, do and be.

The team

Researcher and co-founder of Consufé
Researcher associated with the University of Aalborg, Denmark and co-founder of the company Consufé. She obtained her master's degree at the National University of Costa Rica in 2002, in the area of administration of information and communication technologies. In 2010 she obtained her PhD degree at the University of Aalborg, research topic was the development of information and communication technology competencies for small and medium enterprises using problem-based learning and action learning. Her research area is organizational learning, organizational change and active learning. Heilyn has participated in multiple international projects, which seek to promote innovation and organizational change.
Teamleader/Project Manager and co-founder of Consufé
He is a team and project leader in the company Aalborg Varme, which is dedicated to the production of heating in Aalborg, Denmark and co-founder of Consufé. He obtained his degree in electrical engineering in 1994, as well as different specializations in administration of information technology and project management. Heine has extensive experience in teamwork and active learning for his experience as a coach of Scout leaders in Denmark. He also works on volunteer projects of international mission in Burundi and Rwanda. The most recent projects use the methodology "Rural participatory initiatives for the transformation of agriculture" (Ripat for its acronym in English) "to promote the sustainable development of rural communities.

Advisory board

Researcher and professor
Aalborg University, Denmark
Researcher and professor
Aalborg University, Denmark