When you visit, we are collecting some informations about you and how you use our site. We are using this, to see how many visitors we've got, which pages that attracts, in which periods and from geographical locations. 

Below here we have descibed, which informations we collect and their purpose



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Data responsible: Heine Grünewald


The website is using "cookies", a textfile stored on your computer, tablet or mobile, with the purpose to rekocnize your device, your settings and to do statistics and improve the content of the webpages. Cookies cannot contains any malware or viruses. It´s possible to delete or block cookies.

Du kan til enhver tid ændre dine cookieindstillinger her, samt se en beskrivelse af hvilke datalagring vi benytter i vores cookies. 

Data collection

Personal informations

Personal informations, is all kind of informations, that can be related to a person. We are collecting and analysing data when you are using our website, that includes newsletters, analysing tools, user registration.

The informations we collect is typically following: a unique ID, technical informations about your computer, tablet eller telefon, your IP-adresse, geographical location (Land og area), including the pages you are visiting. The registration is only when visiting our website.


By using our contact formulas on the website, the informtations will be stored on our site and sent to our mailsystem, in order we can reply your request. The formlas will not be used for marketing, signing up newsletters, unless you do an explicit request. Furthermore, your data will not be shares outside our company, if it´s not relevant for the topic and with your approval.


In case you´ve given explicit approval and you have typed in the informations yourself follwing will be handled as well: Name, phonenumber, e-mail, adress, account informations and other informations that you choose to send. That will typically occur when signing up og in connecting with a contract.

Analysis tools

To give us the best insight and knowledge of data in our website we are currently usin tools like Google Analysis, which is only using anonymised data

External dataprocessors

(With whom do we share your data?)

Data collector Function Country Data security outside Denmark Datasharing Hosting of website Danmark   Webhotel files, SQL data, backups and emails
Google Analysis Hosting analysis tools US    

Storage of data


Protection of data

We are taking care of your data, as well as our own. We protect ours (and yours) with following initiatves, and we put efforts in keeping updated: SSL crypting, Firewall, education of staff.

Length of storaging data

If you are writing by means of our formulas and submit data to the website, theese informations will be stored up to 1 year, in order to refer to previous agreements or commensts.

Users, that sign up through our website, wil always be able to see, edit and delete personal insformations. Therefor there will be not limits in the time of storage of this information.

The administrators of the website will at anytime be able to see and edit the information that the user has avalable on their own profile.

Analytic data is stored in uncertain tim, in order to track and evaluate our online apperance and growth.

Our customer archive is stored in accordance with Danish law.

Procedures of dataleaks

We use an updated firewall that will notify us at all times if our security has been breached, whether this is through a firewall breach or a password breach - we will be notified as soon as possible and we can take care of the situation. In addition, our firewall provides weekly updates on prevented attempts against our security as well as alarms on increased trial activity, so that we are always informed of possible attacks against our (and your) data.


Export and deletion of data

You have the right to get insight in the information we have regarding you. You can get an exported file with the personal informations, that we have stored, among the data that you have given us. You can also request a deletion of all personal data. It does not include data that we as a company is obliged to saved, due to administrative, law or security reasons.

Contact the data responsible person, by mail og by phone.